Sarah Padbury


My name is Sarah and I am thirteen years old.

I am homeschooled and have been playing the flute for four years but only attended lessons for the last year.  Before Christmas I passed my grade 5 exam with merit.

I love music and would like to make it my career.   Music helps me relax in challenging times, and I would like to share my passion with others when I am older, as a teacher.   I also would like to become an instrument technician as I enjoy solving problems and keeping my hands busy.   As a pastime, I like to crochet soft toys for friends and family and solve Rubik’s cubes.

I am very thankful for the help the David Randall Foundation is giving me to develop in music.  A new flute is needed to progress to higher grades and improve my technique.  The DRF is not only supporting me with the cost of the purchase, but also with extra funds to develop my interest.   I will be able to join an orchestra, attend extra lessons, and subscribe to a magazine.  This will open my mind to the wider musical world and help me develop as a more rounded musician.


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