The David Randall Foundation is extremely fortunate in having a great number of supporters who donate their time and expertise to the charity. This means that all the money raised by our supporters goes directly to providing ‘Good Days’ and Scholarships for our applicants.

We are very grateful to all our Ambassadors whether they work with our applicants to organise their special days out, provide support for our special events, link with us when they support us as their charity of the year or give their time to act as Trustees of the Foundation.


  • Sarah Dignasse (Trustee)
  • Neil Foster (Trustee)
  • Jimmy Ainscough (Trustee)
  • Sue Randall (Trustee)
  • Gary Bannister (Trustee)
  • Michael Randall (Trustee)
  • Andrew Barnes (Trustee)
  • John Randall (Trustee)
  • David Masters
  • Nasser Hussain
  • Michelle Foster
  • Alice Cook
  • Peter Read
  • Ravi Bopara
  • Michael Foster
  • Arfan Akram
  • Ruth Ainscough
  • Claire Bannister
  • Emma Morris
  • Laura Caldow
  • Helen Philpot
  • Karen Bird
  • Julia Bawden
  • Paul Bardo
  • Sharon Bardo
  • Martyn Coker
  • Michael Smith
  • Steve Brown
  • Mark Foster
  • Ben Foster
  • Keith Bannister
  • Toddy Bannister
  • David Richardson
  • Ben White
  • Graham Raven
  • Richard Howes
  • Steve Harris
  • Sarah Harris
  • Julia Coppen
  • Jo Manson
  • Martyn Garwood
  • Michelle Scott
  • Carol Bryant
  • John Richardson
  •  Nikki Bennett
  • Colin Bickers
  • Kerry Turner
  • Reece O’Connell
  • Eloise O’Connell
  • Stuart Coker
  • Ann Johnson
  • Trish Newton
  • Caroline Donnison
  • Jo Barratt
  • Paul Hills
  • Sarah Case
  • Toby Pugh
  • Rob Cushen
  • Andy Lewis
  • Neal Francis
  • Kerry Figg
  • Joe Figg
  • Elizabeth Lawes
  • Lyndsey Miller
  • Sharon Pirozzolo
  • Holly Newman
  • Chloe Hilton
  • Bob Evans

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