Joe Lane


The Trustees are delighted to award their 2020 Scholarship to Joe Lane.  Joe is from Maldon, home of the David Randall Foundation.

Joe has always been sporty, balancing playing cricket for Maldon Cricket Club from a young age as well developing and pursuing his passion for Triathlon.  He represented Great Britain in the 2018 European Biathle Championships.

This year, Joe hopes to qualify for both the Biathle European Championships in Spain and the World Championships in Germany.  In order to concentrate on his chosen sport and the intense training schedule required, he has deferred taking up his universtiy place until 2021.

Joe tells us what the Scholarship means to him:-

“I’ve always had a sporting background which started with swimming and has then transitioned into triathlons and more recently other sports such as biathles and athletics.  My passion for sport is always thriving and I am forever wanting to push myself to the max in whichever sport it may be. 
I am currently training most days of the week with my main focus being running as I am getting ready for the  upcoming athletics season.  I am also completing a couple of swim sessions a week with cycle training sessions being added later on in the year. 
I have a very busy competition schedule coming up with athletic meets for Chelmsford Athletics Club, as well as individual competitions with the qualification race for the World and European Biathle champs which providing I qualify will be held in July and August. 
The award means a lot to me and is a great privilege to be able to represent such an amazing charity. The support from the charity will enable me to travel and compete on a World and European scale as well as further develop my training and the equipment that I use.  I am very thankful for the opportunity I have been given.”

Congratulations Joe,  the DRF are pleased to support you in your quest for success.


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