Danny Lancaster

Ice Skating
Inspirational Award



Danny has been awarded an Inspirational Award for the second year running, and is currently aiming to skate at the next level.

The new season starts on the 1st July 2024 through to 30th June 2025, with his eyes on the Championships in May 2025.

From now until Christmas there will be some qualifiers, and what with recent changes to British Ice Skating rules Danny will have to strive for a higher score at an ISU competition in order to just be able to go to one of their qualifying rounds/competitions, and then qualify in the top 8 to go through to the Championships after each qualifier has finished.

He is expecting a tougher time this year, as there so few normal competitions in the South to try get the first score to move forward.  Lots of competitions are held further North and in Scotland so Danny and his family can expect lots of travel to make that qualifier.

The DRF Inspirational Award means Danny can keep training for the rest of this year to try qualify for May 2025 and he is super excited as that’s what every skater aims for!


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