Ferrier’s Barn trip to Colchester Castle

7th August 2019

Ferrier’s Barn is an Arts & Crafts Centre for adults with disabilities on the Essex / Suffolk border, and the DRF have provided Good Days for the residents on previous occasions.

This time around it was a trip to Colchester Castle, one of the seven man- made wonders of the east of England. The Normans began building it in 1076 and the castle took 50 years to complete.

Nikki Graham, the Centre’s Adminstrator wrote:-

“We had a wonderful dayat Colchester Castle.

Our members, staff and volunteers met there at 10:30, spent two hours looking, touching and smelling all the exhibits. It was so accessible and easy for us to visit.

We stopped inside for lunch and then went out into the grounds, where everyone had ice cream!

It was a real treat and we appreciate your support with events like these so much.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, trips like this enrich our members lives so much, its a joy to see.”

And we can see the joy in these photos.


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