Chantelle’s wish list

8th November 2017

The musical Annie and the Rainforest Cafe were on Chantelle’s wish list, and we managed to arrange both on the same day.

Her mum had some pretty awesome things to say about the trip. “ Thank you so much for a wonderful day. It was amazing. we had a lovely table by the gorillas at the Rainforest Cafe, and every fifteen minutes there was thunder and lightning when all the animals came to life. The Annie show was fantastic. Both the girls said the show was the best they have ever seen.
They’ve watched Annie on TV a million times!! They knew all the songs. We sang all the way home in the car. It was a lovely memorable day.”

We had a rather unusual request from Anna. She doesn’t feel like going out much but likes to entertain her friends. So we purchased a unique garden chair so she can enjoy Good Days to her hearts content. And here she is testing it out!

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