Balloon Ride

11th May 2019

Sharon sadly passed away before she could go on the balloon ride.  Her husband Russell and daughter Mia went on the day out in her memory.

This is Russell’s tribute:-


We had to be at the meeting place at 5.30.
It was a beautiful crisp morning.  There was a mist sweeping across the meadow and droplets of dew on the grass began glistening as the sun appeared through the trees.

Two  balloons were taking off from here this morning . Our one, a multi coloured one and a bright red Virgin one .

A total of 16 people and 1 pilot were in our balloon. We all helped to inflate it .  Opening the massive canopy.  Such a graceful and spectacular sight to see fill up .

We slowly and gently began to rise off the ground.  The tall surrounding trees soon became small as we headed into the clear blue skies over our beautiful Essex countryside.
The whole experience from start to finish was amazing.

A year ago Sharon and I sat in the hospice,  The clinical nurse told us about a local charity, The David Randall Foundation.
Their objectives are :

To support people with life limiting illnesses to enjoy life to the full for as long as possible, by helping to provide Good Days for them and their families.

To provide Scholarships and Inspirational Awards to people who demonstrate exceptional dedication and passion in pursuing their ambitions in sport or music but may be held back by their financial situation.

Sharon was handed an application form and that evening we sat out our dinning table.  It was hard filling this in because again it’s another reminder that you are terminally ill.
Sharon cried lots in fact we both did.
Eventually we began to think and Sharon decided the things she wanted to do .
Hot air balloon flight.
Visit to Leeds Castle in Kent
A stay in Bath .
A visit to Longleat safari park.

The David Randall Foundation contacted us and were so kind and respectful.
They sorted out our balloon flight and the other things on the list.

We booked our flight.  But it was cancelled due to bad weather.  This happened 3 times.  Unfortunately Sharon passed away before we could do the flight .
I spoke to Mrs Randall not long after Sharon died and said I still had the balloon voucher and could I return it so someone else could use it .  Her reply was still do it and take someone else and do it in Sharon’s memory.

Thank you so much David Randall Foundation.
Your charity is a wonderful thing to do for the people of Essex .

Thank you so much to my lovely Daughter Mia Webb for being there yesterday.  And for drinking Sharon,s glass of champagne at the end of the flight!!

To my beautiful wife Sharon . You are always in my thoughts.  We talk every day and I know you were there yesterday. Enjoying the fantastic views and feeling the breeze on your face.
I love you and always will.  Miss you

Be Inspired.

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