ANNOUNCMENT – 2024 Scholarship and Inspirational Awards

23rd February 2024

As is traditional on David’s birthday, the DRF are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Scholarship and Inspirational Awards.

Our Scholar this year is Sarah Padbury.  At just thirteen, she has already displayed exceptional talent and passion as a flutist, and the DRF are contributing towards the cost of a new flute as well as extra tuition, in order to develop her musical ambitions.

Ice Skater, Danny Lancaster, has been awarded an Inspirational Award for the second consecutive year, as he has impressed the Trustees with his determination to improve his techniques and skate at higher levels.  This year will involve quite a lot of travel around the UK attempting to meet the new qualification rules.

And Oliver Beadle, tennis player, and a member of the National Learning Disability Squad since 2018, is another recipient of an Inspirational Award.  He wishes to make use of the services of a sports psychologist, and purchase a new racket, shoes and bag, whilst striving to compete at a higher international level.

The DRF would like to wish all three the very best for 2024, and will be following their progress with keen interest.

Each award winner has a biography on our Scholarships and Inspirational Awards page – please visit this link.


Be Inspired.

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