23rd February 2019

It is traditional for news of new DRF Scholarships and Awards to be published on David’s birthday, and today, 23rd February, the Trustees are delighted to reveal that they have awarded three Inspirational Awards for 2019, in addition to the Scholarship awarded to violinist Elodie Chowsmer-Howelles, who was confirmed as a DRF Scholar last Autumn.

This year the DRF are giving financial support to Triathlete Warwick Hadley, Fulham and England Deaf Footballer Matt Oaten, and for the second year running Go-Karter Lewis Wood.

Please visit the Scholarships and Inspirational Awards page for more detailed information on their careers to date and aspirations for the future. 

We will be following their progress throughout the year with interest and will regularly share updates on their training and achievements.  

Be Inspired.

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